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Check out my Online Paint Colour Consulting Id love to help! Im painting my kitchen cabinets BM River Reflections what wall color would you choose to go with ? Warm gray paint will look much brighter than in a dark room if you have a room with tons of natural light. Check out the Love Remodeled Facebook group ask questions or show off your latest DIY! Dovetail feel quite a bit heavier on your walls than Dorian Gray. The cabinets resemble the gauntlet grey. It could save your paint lovin life read all about it HERE. you have the best of both colors depending on lighting. . Winner. Its a warm gray and a bit of a chameleon color depending on what kind of light it is getting. Wondering if I should just stick with white? For example, if your room has red brick elements and gold metal finishes, choose a warmer-toned gray paint color. Yellow is far cry from gray, though, so if you really wanted a gray house, make sure you are really sure for such a change! Sheila I am open for any advice. The foyer/living space does not have as much natural light and the collonade grey would be too dark. I think its great to not only suggest colors youve used, but also for people to see them in real spaces. As a rule, the cooler grays have blue undertones, green, or purple undertones and warm tone grays have yellow or brown undertones. I have brown leather couches with Agreeable Gray walls in my new home, and I love it. Jenny, how do I get your help on picking out an exterior color for a home? Lightroom Presets for Lifestyle and Interiors, reusable peel and stick sheet made with real paint. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And thats it. Or you can always have them mix a color at 50% for a more subtle tone of the exact same color., Absolutely! I love these colors. Thanks, Rachel! Dovetail is another gorgeous Sherwin Williams gray paint color that shares a color strip with Dorian Gray. But if your room doesnt have quite as of bright lighting, Mindful Gray would be the better pick between the two because it has a higher LRV. Rachel, my question for you is: we have a 2 story foyer on the north side, lots of natural, but not direct light. You might read that this means that this is they are all just lighter or darker versions of each other. Gray paint is a trend that has been popular for the last decade. I would love to get your advice on a color for a very small bathroom in the kitchen. Cant wait to follow you and get going on my master in Krypton! Hi Rachel! Versatile Gray (SW 6072) from Sherwin Williams is another greige option as it has just a hint of a violet undertone. Whats your opinion especially with leaving oak trim? Gauntlet gray works great as an exterior paint color and also works well for cabinetry, wainscot, and trim. . Im using Gauntlet gray for my exterior home and thinking of High Reflective White as for the window trims. I have incorporated some of these colors in my own home, and have admired some of them from afar or have used them on client projects. You can see how pretty it is as a wall color too. I loved it! For questions, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-474-3794. I can send pictures if that helps. Want to learn more about the FUN side of decorating and paint colours? or Learn how with my eBook! We have pulled together some amazing pictures of rooms with 20 warm gray shades of paint. Also looking for powder room color (navy vanity) and other bedroom walls. Telephone +40 751 842 790, Thank you Jenny! I dont think I would paint the ceiling Oyster Bar if you arent loving the color now. Thank you! Sherwin-Williams suggests three colors for coordinating Gauntlet Gray - Armagnac, Repose Gray, and Eider White. Notice how this color provides a striking contrast to the bright white in the kitchen. So lovely Rachel. May I ask what it is and where you bought it? If it makes any difference I live in the Pacific Northwest. For the bathroom, I would definitely suggest a lighter color if, as you say, it is very small. Because of the brown in Dorian Gray, and the lack of any strong cool undertones (such as blue or green), Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray is a warm gray paint color. Flat and Matte Paint This paint is great for ceilings and in areas where you need to hide imperfections, does not reflect light, and is not easy to wipe down. Make sure that you choose a latex paint that is heat resistant either flat, semigloss, or gloss. We have a high, angled ceiling and the white is overbearing, Im considering painting the walls with Anew but need a ceiling color to tone down the white. We used the Krypton to paint our bathroom today. I had searched for a LONG time before I found one that I loved, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was THE ONE. This is a color I have had in our master bedroom since we first bought our house. If you go to Sherwin Williams, you can find most of these colors on cards that have gradations of lighter and darker colors, start there and see if something slightly lighter might work. Hi Rachel, you have a beautiful home!! Any ideas for a gray that might go better, or a gray for a north-facing room, or should I give up on gray? When it comes to trim, Gauntlet Gray is very flexible, but loves Sherwin Williams Pure White, a versatile warm, soft white paint colour, SHOULD I Paint My Wood Cabinets White? Get this color in a: Color Sample Paint Sample Interior Paint Exterior Paint Coordinating Colors Eider White SW 7014 Repose Gray SW 7015 Armagnac SW 6354 See Gauntlet Gray work in any room Pale Oak (OC-20) from Benjamin Moore is a light greige with yellow undertones. It sounds like Sea Salt would be really lovely, too, if you want something with more color, but if I were you I would not carry something like that throughout the house. The kitchen we actually painted white (one advantage to a NOT open floor plan) because the cream felt too dingy in that large of a space. Hi Rachel, so helpful - have an open home, light white oak floors, like you agreeable gray suggsstion. Hi Rachel, I absolutely love it. Hope this helps! So, while the shades are all slightly different, you will find that they generally coordinate. The warm gray paint colors trend has lasted since 2010 which, according to Sherwin Williams, is when the popular love affair with gray began. Dorian Gray paint shares a color strip with some of Sherwin Williams other best selling paint colors. I love the grays. Its too dark and somber. Gauntlet Gray. We just painted several rooms colonnade gray and it is warmer in person. Jenny is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If I use Creamy on my cabinets should i use it also as my trim color? When sampling Agreeable Gray we picked up Repose Gray and are leaning towards that in our open living areas and everywhere we thought we were going to do Agreeable. I appreciate your help! Im afraid I dont have a SW fan deck on hand, but you can ask at the store what might be a similar formula with a darker tone. So glad you found this helpful! Suggestions? One is a gray that looks almost blue which I do not like. Sherwin Williams Anew Gray is one shade darker than Agreeable Gray and is a great option if you want just a little more color but still a neutral greige. Gauntlet Gray coordinating colors and color schemes Gauntlet Gray Peel and Stick Paint Samples for Gauntlet Gray now available! What color is the exterior of the houseI love it! She gave in on one room and once it was on the walls, she had them repaint it; she just doesnt like beige. In Gauntlet Gray, you see a lot of brown. Im so glad you found me, too, and I hope you continue to be inspired! I was thinking of a light gray on my walls, maybe the gauntlet gray for the cabinets? How would a gray look against this trim? Gauntlet Gray (the one in the office in that home) is darker than Dovetail and simply beautiful. Dorian Gray is a medium paint color. I have done kitchens where the cabinets were painted, but the trim was left alone. Thank you! Sherwin Williams: Dark Gray- Gauntlet Gray 7019 Light Gray- Mindful gray 7016 White Trim- Greek Villa 7551 Blue Door- Tempest Star 6229. Each time I do a full paint color review, I always like to compare the paint color to other popular paint colors that people might be considering. If you have south-facing light or a super bright eastern morning light, youll find that Gauntlet Gray will look LIGHTER and look WARMER than expected. GORGEOUS! Thank you! Gauntlet Gray (SW 7019) works well on trim and as an accent wall. As for aesthetic white and gauntlet gray, Im afraid it will depend entirely on lighting in the space. Save your favorite colors, photos, and past orders all in one place. If we went with Gauntlet Grey as the body and Reflective White as the trim, do you think Tricorn Black would work for the doors and shutters? Im noticing a comeback in accent walls just one wall a different color from the rest and I really love it. Mindful Gray (SW 7016) from Sherwin Williams is one of their most popular colors for a good reason. You can do this in a couple of ways. COPYRIGHT 2018 EVOLUTIONOFSTYLEBLOG.COM. I had the kitchen and living area painted a light ecru/beige; results:BLAH! And if youre thinking of colour matching between brands (ie: getting BM to make an SW paint colour), you might want to read THIS first. The longer we lived in the house, though, the more I was drawn back to my natural inclination of cooler colors. 37333705), Str. Hello! This post and all of the comments, the pictures of your lovely home been so helpful! Hi Denise! The painter we hired has the same color in his home, Im so glad you like the color, Donna! As you noticed, more natural light will often bring out the warmer tones in Agreeable Gray, and Repose is just slightly more cooler. Amazing Gray (SW 7044) has slight green undertones which pull this warm gray in a beige direction. I have medium dark wood floors. I tried Tame Teal and it was intense. I have similar stonework on the lower portion of my home and am looking for a gray that pulls the gray from the stone. It is not so dark that its too terribly imposing in a room, but it does have a bit of depth to it. Hi! It is light toned, versatile and sophisticated. I was thinking about the Agreeable gray! I hope this helps! Great options are pure white, charcoal gray, or a deep shade of a muted accent color like navy blue, dark teal, dark brown, or dark red. Also, Do you have any other wall faves for warmer side but not too dark? Great question, Wendy! Do you think repose gray (upper cabinets) and the color you used from your blog (lower cabinets) Would look good? We are so excited and already thinking about paint. Here, youll find hundreds of articles on how to create the home of your dreams. I hope this helps! In the back two bedroom I would like to paint Agreeable Gray and lay new floors. Thank you! Again Light French Gray paired with some beautiful molding and light hardwood floors beautiful look at Naptime Decorator. This classic gray will look great in all types of lighting. Ive never owned a home with walnut trim, but I imagine it is gorgeous! However, paints with cool undertones like blue and purple can still appear warm toned. In this living room from Rum Hemma, they use blush pink and deep eggplant for the accent tones. Dorian Gray doesnt lean heavily towards anyone of these undertones, and mostly looks gray. Gray Paint Colours The 3 Undertones You HAVE to Consider, You wont find even a WINK of green in this next bathroom remodel, And in this next photo, Gauntlet Gray looks more or less neutral in comparison to the previous one. I, of course, prefer white cabinets, but there are some beautiful wood finishes. I love the Agreeable Gray I have in most of my home now, and it can read gray or beige depending on the lighting and the accessories. . Provencial is more brown, and it'll provide more contrast. These colors would work well on adjacent walls or where rooms are visible to each other. Or, use it a an accent, like Sarah did with her fireplace. Dorian Gray (SW 7017) is a light to mid-tone gray paint color from Sherwin Williams. I have an open floor plan with large southern facing windows. Get a paintbrush that can get inside all the crevices and brush the bricks with at least one coat of primer, and wait for this to dry. The creamier trim will have a softer feel, but the bright white will make the gray feel warm and cozy. Either of the lighter grays (Colonnade or Agreeable) or even the blue (Krypton) or green (Silvermist) would be a nice, refreshing touch in that space, and they will coordinate well with the gray in your kitchen. Thank you so much for your help! If you want a warm gray paint color, that has a bit of depth without being too terribly dark, Dorian Gray is definitely one to consider. Last, look at the paint color you like and then the bottom color on the paint chip. You can find her frequenting antique stores for the perfect rug or curled up on her sofa with a good book and a cup of tea. 2. Ha! What would be the best gray color for walls. Color Coordinate with the Larger Area. I dont want the gray I choose to look institutional. In the odd room, Agreeable can pick up a vague green cast, but GENERALLY SPEAKING, yes, this can work :). One easy way is based on the color card. Good luck. Your email address will not be published. Great question, Carma! But, if you enter your email, youll get $5 off your first order which basically means that you will get free, overnight shipping! Great info. I dont want to have so much gray that its overload. This will help you see the paint in the context of others and see the undertones. And in more than one, thats even better! Thank you so much Rachel. Warm gray has enough depth, nuance, and complexity to make them an exceptional addition to cozy home spaces. Your email address will not be published. I have spent hours scouring your site and videos and my husband is slowly catching on hearing me talking LRVs and undertones. Good luck with the painting! Love all of these grey colors used. Its warm greige undertone makes this neutral feel surprisingly lively. And while I WISH Benjamin Moore had options that held up to the beauty of Gauntlet Gray, there are some with similar intentions, but different approaches. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. SW 7019 Gauntlet Gray; SW 7020 Black Fox ; Popular darker colors on the same color strip are Dorian Gray SW 7017 and Black Fox. We have a covered patio which makes lighting in the kitchen and living area on dark side. For this room, it leans toward beige. Rachel, We are building our retirement home on the Gulf of Mexico in the sunny panhandle of Florida. Floors are a driftwood type color as are cabinets. Im considering painting my dark wood cabinets Creamy to work around our existing brown,black,gray granite. I am several states away and can not travel down for a couple more weeks. Dovetail is another gorgeous Sherwin Williams gray paint color that shares a color strip with Dorian Gray. Ive tested Colonnade Gray which seemed dark on some walls, Repose which felt warm and pleasant, but a bit bland, and now Im testing cooler SW shades: Sea Salt, Lattitude and Palladian Blue by BM. As predictable as warm gray paint shades might seem, they will look and function in a different way based on the location. I have the open kitchen, living room, dining room at the front, then I have a half bath, laundry room, Jack and Jill bedrooms with bath, and master with bath. The main living area is painted Sherwin Williams Burlap, which I would like to change one day, but Im going to have to go in stages. The best part is, I dont think you can go wrong! SW Repose or SWAgreeable ? These are the colors used in our last house: our 1940 colonial in the city. We have grey kitchen cabinets and I was going to paint the walls a lighter grey but Im not sure if that is too much grey. What a great question, Sheri!! Gauntlet Gray is a deep gray that has more brown-taupe undertones than black. Thanks, Thank you. Now, trying to decide which color to paint dining room. You can now shop online using your employee account BUT your employee discount will be applied to your transaction at the store after you present your Employee Discount or Extended Family Discount card. I believe its Gauntlet Gray based on the information I shared in the post. I am hesitant to say anything because whites and grays can be SO tricky depending on the light but I do know that aesthetic white was lovely in our last home. Currently the kitchen has brown/maple wood cabinets and LOTS of them and solid surface countertops in a creamy color that are actually pleasant and in good shape so we will keep them for a while. How can I ease those two rooms into more friendly colors like the colors in this post without having to paint the living area right now? It sounds like its going to be beautiful! It allows you to move the sample around in the room to catch the different lights. View interior and exterior paint colors and color palettes. Subtotal: $0.00. Gray Gauntlet has a purple tone that is a bit muted compared to other popular grays. Find a local Sherwin-Williams store nearest you. xx. Your decorating style is beautiful! I just love it. I always prefer white ceilings, and I love the look of coordinating colors between trim and walls. My husband no longer teasing me about multiple sample pots of paint! If you have any questions, please see my disclaimer page. The gold fixtures with the greenery bring a touch of vibrancy to the space. Its a beautiful, tranquil blue that is so restful and perfect. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. We have Anew Gray by SW on the walls. These are some of the most popular and well-beloved paint colors on the market. Christine from Little Brags, Hey where did you find a color consultant? Would you say Krypton leans a little blue? Any ideas? But it is still classified as a medium paint color, and it will reflect some light around the room. Believe it or not, it is categorized as an off-white rather than a true gray. We have a whole wall of windows and lots of natural light and the Repose just looks a little crisper. Sure! Not impossible, but tricky. Have you checked out our new home tour (the post you read was from our last home)? Edgecomb Gray (HC- 173) strikes a balance between gray and beige earning it the term greige. Very large great room faces both east & west. While this color is full-bodied, with ample natural light it does not appear too dark. Thank you so much for your response! It really is wonderful, isnt it? Im definitely putting some of these in our new home ! Is Ellie Grey a warm or cool color? Its a beautiful medium gray/greige. Thats not my fireplace Dana I was just sharing the color and giving some examples. All feedback is welcome. Looking for more? All Rights Reserved. Gauntlet Gray Coordinating Colors Similar Colors Details SW 7015 Repose Gray SW 6354 Armagnac SW 7014 Eider White Explore in ColorSnap Visualizer FIND INTERIOR PAINT FIND EXTERIOR PAINT Save to My Account Add to my Project List Actual color may vary from on-screen representation. I will sample it. Door Paint Colors Front Door Colors Porch Colors Tan House Brick House White House Sherwin Williams: Dark Gray- Gauntlet Gray 7019 Light Gray- Mindful gray 7016 White Trim- Greek Villa 7551 Blue Door- Tempest Star 6229 House Exterior Paint Color App Gauntlet Gray Dorian Gray has an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 39. Im happy to offer my advice, but exteriors are way harder to remedy if you dont like them! Is there a neutral creamy yellow that would work? So today I want to share a complete paint color home tour: warm and cool neutrals plus some nature-inspired greens and blues that all flow together beautifully. Actually, its the most common question I am asked in person, too (regarding interior design, that is). I have downsized to this home, love the location, neighbourhood, and neighbours! We bought an older home that needs an interior face lift and has a lot of open/connected rooms! Great question. The house will get lots of sunlight. The warm gray paint colors obsession has been with us for at least a decade. Its a very tough thing to make color decisions without seeing all the elements, Kathy, but I find Ellie Gray to be a barely warm gray. Im closing on a new house in a couple of weeks and painting the entire thing before I move in. I have it throughout the main areas of my new home, and I love it. I would get some larger samples to make sure you love it, but Im all for it! Do you think Alabaster would pair as a trim? These E-books cover a wide range of topics and are sure to have you refreshing your space and rethinking how you live in your home! I hope you find this tool as helpful as I have! But all of the sources are linked in the blog post! I think gray on gray can definitely work! The trim paint color is Sherwin Williams Pure White SW7005. }. Dorian Gray also pairs nicely with popular interior decorating colors right now. This color palette works in many spaces, such as in a kitchen or bathroom. This item has been successfully added to your list. So, Secret Society is in the same realm. I really like the gray cabinets you have displayed.I like both the upper gray and lower which one would you recommend for an exterior of a house? Im sure it will be beautiful! It will look that bit more shaded in northern light or afternoon eastern/morning western light. Plus, it works with the beiges/browns that arent going anywhere anytime soon (if ever). Mindful Gray Color Details. Could not tell from the picture above. As previously mentioned, this paint color is a great neutral that can coordinate with cool and warm color schemes. I really like a few of these colors and may be looking for a neutral for my downstairs powder room so I might have to go get some samples! I like several here. Also, keep in mind our kitchen is open plan to dining room and living room. However, I was wondering the name of the color on the other walls surrounding it? Do you have any suggestion for a color to coordinate with Dovetail, either lighter or darker? but I know grays can be tricky. So, consider the undertones, but rest easy because gray paint is versatile. Good luck! The front entry door is Sherwin Williams SW 6990 Caviar. I never rush into paint colors anywhere haha! Hi Kylie, we have an exterior stone that is lighter gray, some slight maroon and dark grey and our home is stucco . What are some of your favorites? What color should we do garage door and should we do a different accent color for the dormers? Sign up to automatically get up to 20% off of sundries and supplies, every day. Im afraid I havent used that color, but definitely give it a try! What color do you think would look the best for my bathroom in the kitchen? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hale Navy is another popular navy, but I find Naval to be more saturated with more depth as a result. Gauntlet Gray. Thought of creamy but didnt want it to look too white. Thank you for such a quick reply, Rachel, and for the congrats! Get design inspiration for painting projects. If you like yellow homes, you could probably find a yellow that would look nice with a blue/gray roof. You could always go a shade or two darker than the Anew Gray if you want to stay in the same color family, as a safe bet. Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore and Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams are their most popular warm gray paint colors. In the blue tones, we are currently contemplating between Hague Blue (Farrow & Ball) and In the Navy (SW 9178). Trim will all be white. Rachel, love this! Begin a Color Consultation! Use it to anchor brighter hues in your space or enjoy it on its own as a palette cleanser. Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray, Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Dovetail, The 10 Best Gray and Greige Paint Colours. I always say test and see in the actual lighting you will be using to be sure. Hope this helps! I think either would work. Right now it has SW Light French Gray, which I think looks a little washed out. This color is quite the chameleon it looked cool against our cream colored trim but gave the rooms a soft, warm glow overall. The color on the walls is the perfect background for the slate tile floors and the white cabinets. What is a shade darker than agreeable gray? Im wanting to choose a warm gray to use in my entire home, very open floor plan, but am worried about the trim coming off yellow. Im using this color on bathroom vanity and using Marquee Chain Reaction with it on walls. Repose Gray (SW 7015) from Sherwin Williams is considered by some to be the perfect gray., Free expert online interior design advice. Sherwin Williams pairs Dorian Gray with Jasper Stone, a muted grayish green-blue paint color, Skyline Steel, which is a light gray, and Eider White, a grayish off-white paint color. Gauntlet Gray Studio Clay Quicksilver Tarnished Trumpet Greek Villa Pure Reflectance White NOTE: Paint colors almost never look the same in different settings. My name is Jenny, and I'm a corporate drop-out, mother of three, rookie photographer and marathon runner, married 22 years to a man with a big heart and an old soul. Need help picking a color scheme for your space? Mindful Gray Coordinating Colors. Dorian Gray coordinates with some other gray paint colors, many greige paint colors, dark blue or navy pink colors, cream and white paint colors, and blue-green paint colors. The walls are Repose gray with white ceiling, I want to paint my kitchen cabinets. Search Color Name or Number. My big question is: do I go stark white with the crown & trim , or a creamier color such as BM White Dove or SW Snowbound Trim? The master bath is painted SW Netsuke. A lot of people lean towards the more blue-green undertones or a light gray when choosing paint colour for their interior or exterior walls. Want to see all your paint options in one convenient place? Im in the process of painting the interiors in my house, and went with Agreeable gray in the entryway, living room and breakfast nook. . Grays and red can definitely be tricky. Because their colors are used in all the National Trust properties, they have created their colors to have timeless appeal. We painted our basement dorian grey, but the stairway down to the basement is too dark for dorianwhat color do you suggest in the same color scheme? I tried Repose gray, and that even seemed sort of blue in my room. With an LRV of 26, Dovetail sits firmly in the dark range. Our new house is under construction and we expect to move in by end of this year. But you can enjoy this color, and its brown-taupe undertones with an occasional wink of purple, in the right space. Good luck! AWESOME, I love to hear that ;). This is due to number of factors: how much natural light is in the area, what other colors surround it, how you will be using a room or area, and the way that paint sheen will affect the color. Believe it or not, exterior paint colors scare the crap out of me! Nanny, Dont stress, Deborah! My trim color in my whole house currently is Valspar Swiss Mocha. If Colonnade seemed dark, you might try Agreeable Gray. Creamy is a great off-white that Ive used in a lot of kitchens. New homes come with so many decisions!