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frightening, well done and riveting. You wont have to take me at my word, Rogers wrote in a letter address to Pardo. This video is currently unavailable. Glen Edward Rogers reportedly confessed to the murders ABC News reports Ronald Goldman's father, Fred, disagrees. Legal Statement. One job took him to Simpsons house as a painter, it said. A documentary says a Florida death-row inmate might have been involved in the murder of O.J. Glen Edward Rogers was born by Cesarean section to Edna Rogers and her husband. Download it your desktop. CNN and the Slimes do not pass the smell test. "I was turning in a serial killer.". The focus of the documentary is a man currently on Florida's death row, Glen Rogers. Rogers was a good-looking guy. He was captured in Ohio in November 1995, weeks after O.J. Has anyone heard the theory that it was a son who did it? My Brother The Serial Killer isnt the only show that explores the crimes of Glen Edward Rogers. Thats the premise of a new feature-length documentary by Investigation Discovery that details the life of Glen Rogers, one of Americas least-known serial killers. Directed by Kyle Saylors, the true crime story is based on 20 years of research by Simpson's former business associate and friend, Norman . When Rogers phoned his family in 1994, according to the film, he actually said he was working and partying with her and that she was rich, and that he was going to take her down.. After a jury found Simpson not guilty, Simpson spoke with publisher Judith Regan and walked her through a hypothetical story of what happened the night Nicole and Ron were murdered. O.J. I believe that Glen believes he killed them, said Anthony Meoli, an Atlanta criminal profiler who has received more than 1,000 letters from Rogers and has interviewed him in prison. Rogers reportedly provided receipts to cops that show he was working as a housepainter in Los Angeles in 1994 when Brown was murdered. A [hundred thousand] screaming Glen Rogers, packed in the Los Angeles Coliseum, all confessing in unison, would not absolve O.J. Digging deeper into "The Innocent Man," a documentary series based on John Grisham's 2006 book, coming to Netflix December 14. TAMPA, Fla. A documentary says a Florida death row inmate might have been involved in the murder of O.J. Photo via Pinterest. Rogers' coast-to-coast trail of violence would lead to the most infamous crime scene of all: the LA murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. James Peters was Rogers 71-year-old roommate who he had murdered in Kentucky. Simpson's ex-wife and her friend, a claim being criticized by one victim's family and being looked at . The serial killer has also been profiled in episodes of the Discovery Channel show The FBI Files, IDs Southern Fried Homicideor the Oxygen series It Takes A Killer. Print it. But wait. The Investigation Discovery show, My Brother the Serial Killer, will air Wednesday. He was convicted of two murders and is a suspect in numerous others throughout the United States. My Brother the Serial Killer. Rogers would later speak to criminal profiler Anthony Meolis about the Goldman-Simpson murders, providing details about the crime and remarking that he had been hired by O. J. Simpson to steal a pair of earrings and potentially murder Nicole.[5]. There was a second set of bloody footprints on the scene in 1995 that have never been resolved. That in a nutshell is what your Mathis amounts to: a goofball who analyzes allegedly fake photos, but is not even aware of the flaws in the methodology and his own stunning shortcomings. O.J. Pardo claims Rogers was living in Los Angeles under the alias James Peters. David Monaghan, the films producer, did not immediately respond to a CNN request for comment on Goldmans criticism. 2023 BuzzFeed, Inc. All rights reserved. Simpson waited nearby, a new documentary claims. As first shown in the the Investigation Discovery documentary My Brother the Serial Killer, Clay Rogers, brother of serial killer Glen Rogers, maintains that Glen confessed to killing. He was convicted in 2008. Dont worry about my payments and reimbursements. Rogers would later speak to a criminal profiler about the Goldman-Simpson murders, providing details about the crime and remarking that he had been hired by Simpson to steal a pair of earrings and potentially murder Nicole. Mayor Patrick Wojahn Charged With Child Porn, Teen Xavier Lewis Guilty Of Tiana Richardson Murder, Deshawn Thomas Executes Homeless Man In St Louis, Sheborah Thomas Gets 40 Years For Killing 2 Kids, NFL Zac Stacy Gets 6 Months For Brutal Assault, Antonio Barbeau and Nathan Paape Teen Killers, Paris Bennett Teen Killer Murders Little Sister, Dylan Schumaker Teen Killer Murders 23 Month Boy, China Arnold Murdered Her Child In A Microwave, Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole 2023 Update, Lacy Aaron Schmidt Teen Killer Murders Ex Girlfriend, James Parker And Robert Tulloch Teen Killers, Bobby Gonzales Teen Killer Murders Girlfriends Mother. Glen Rogers's Net Worth: $97 Million. When asked about the information presented in the documentary film, Fred said, "The fact of the acquittal at the hands of the jury will never wash away this murder from the hands of O.J. O.J. The documentary, which airs November 21 at 9 pm on Investigation Discovery, does not include an interview with Rogers' himself, but prominently features interviews with Rogers' brother Clay. Glen Rogers, Alverno College, Educational Research and Evaluation Department, Department Member. February 21, 2022 Actually, what he told me, Clay said, is they got money, theyre well off and Im taking her down.. Redemption links and eBooks cannot be resold. . Criminal and arsonist most remembered as the 'Casanova Killer' during the late 1990s. My Brother The Serial Killer is another Investigation Discovery documentary special the network first aired back in November 2012. Rogers was captured in November of 1995 after a national manhunt culminating in a high-speed, drunken car chase in Kentucky during which he tossed an empty beer can at a police cruiser. In the documentary, the serial killer's brother, Clay Rogers, claimed that his brother was the killer of Brown and her friend, Goldman. In the documentary, Clay Rogers said Glen told him in 1994 that he had been working in the Los Angeles area painting and fixing houses and . The film, set to be released in America this December suggests the two were killed by Glen Rogers and not O.J. The next bizarre video below shows a FOX reporter interviewing Simpson about the book. Simpson says Charlie came over to his home, told him what was going on and Simpson responded, Whatever is going on its gotta stop!. Actually, what he told me, he says, They got money, theyre well off and Im taking her down.. I've read quite a few books about serial murderers now, and so I at least know now what I like. [4] Rogers' family stated that he had informed them that he had been working for Nicole in 1994 and that he had made verbal threats about her to them. NEW YORK, Nov. 19 (UPI) -- A documentary to air on Investigation Discovery says serial killer Glen Rogers butchered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in Los Angeles in 1994. In the early morning hours of June 13, 1994, the bodies of 35-year-old Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, 25-year-old Ronald Goldman, were found laying in pools of blood outside Simpson's. From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, documentary producer Norman Pardo was part of O.J. Five deaths have been linked to Rogers, including Mark Peters of Hamilton,. And in every one, he first met a woman at a bar and convinced her to come home with him. Rogers told the insider that " Nicole was terrified that O.J. Nicole Simpson, Rogers said, describing a call he said happened just a few days before the killings. When new books are released, we'll charge your default payment method for the lowest price available during the pre-order period. As for various photographic evidence, he uses copies of copies of copies of old pics, and then says ah, ha! We are sorry. Simpson did not kill Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman in the 1994 double murder, according to claims made in a new documentary. Alzheimer's patients may also become bedridden, which . Next Up. Instead, what he got was a serial killer who framed him. Upload that pic to your email. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Glen held the knife, not O.J. Helen Armitage is a freelance writer based in the UK who has been writing online since late 2013. Update your device or payment method, cancel individual pre-orders or your subscription at. Those conclusions are so far out of the mainstream realm, however, as to seem incredible for those not able to think beyond the CIA Mockingbird-constructed Matrix in which we live. According to Rodgers, their mother wore the pin, at her sons request, to one of his murder trials. This is the first time we are hearing about this story, and considering that their `main character, Glen Rogers, confessed to stabbing my brother and Nicole to death, you would think we would be in the loop.. A confidential police informant in Hamilton, Ohio, Rogers turned to murder to satisfy his need for power and control, particularly over women. Mikes also does a great job dissecting the maudlin and macabre Laci Petersen murder saga as part of the Men are Pigs Project Sorry that even the mention of Mathis seems so threatening to you. 13. Simpson of the murders he committed.. Simpson was hobbled by old injuries. Join Facebook to connect with Glen Rogers and others you may know. Using this fake identity, Pardo claims the serial killer was able to get close to Nicole Brown Simpson as a painter, working in her home. Rogers is on death row in Florida and California. Required fields are marked *. Glen Rogers was born on the 15th of October, 1962. Not only did Clay cooperate fully in this documentary, but he is the person who turned Glen in when he discovered a rotting corpse in the familys broken down cabin in the woods in Hamilton, Minn. That would begin a whirlwind romance lasting a few weeks. A former reporter at The Cincinnati Enquirer, my books include the true crime journalism of OJ Simpson & Glen Rogers: The Juice, Road Dog and Murder on Bundy Drive and the previous editon Road Dog. The ONLY valid photographic analysis is when a professional photographer or expert examines the ORIGINAL picture. [7] IndieWire criticized the documentary as not making much sense and for using the viewpoint of Clay Rogers rather than through one of someone more distanced from Rogers or the crime.[8]. Glen Rogers Serial killer documentary - YouTube Glen Rogers Serial killer documentary Roland Ward 196 subscribers Subscribe 588 Share 58K views 6 years ago Glen Rogers Serial killer. Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2014. Is this a confession?. If Nicole had been killed at 10:15 p.m., when the prosecution says, the ice cream would have been completely melted when police saw it shortly after midnight. Eisenman said she was not aware of any similar claims in the past about the Simpson-Brown slayings. "I wasn't turning in my brother," He said. Glen Rogers is a spree killer who was sentenced to death in Florida for the murder of Tina Marie Cribbs on November 5, 1995. see, the shadows dont quite add up, so its all fake!. Rogers' family stated that he had informed them that he had been working for Nicole in 1994 and that he had made verbal threats about her to them. The Southern California News Group is one of them. Simpsons cases dont match except that all the victims were stabbed. He told investigators at the time that he had killed at least 70 women, police said. Clay Rogers turned his brother into authorities after discovering a body in the familys cabin in Hamilton, Minn. This story has been shared 119,196 times. The following video provides the background on Glen Rogers murder rampage. Simpson who paid the killer to steal a pair of earrings from Nicole Simpson's house, according to Rogers. Saw a crime doc on TV about Rogers and wanted to read this book to fill the details. Goldman beat on somebodys face before he died, but it wasnt O.J.s. As I said, I would love to write a few paragraphs on where he makes his myriad errors, and I have thoroughly thought about them and figured out where he goes wrong. He most definitely does NOT present compelling evidence nor does he come to logical conclusions. Simpson, the night before her murder. Its all fake you get my point? Meoli said Rogers told him that OJ Simpson paid him to break into Nicole Brown Simpsons house to steal a pair of $20,000 earrings. He hadnt known Gallagher as long as some of the other victims, Dixon said. Simpson never testified at the criminal trial, but memorably demonstrated in court that a glove found near the slaying scene did not fit his hand. A full taped statement in the case was made in 1995., In another Pardo video, called The OJ Tapes: OJ Simpson in His Own Words, Pardo asserts that the L. A. prosecutor and district attorney have a file in which Rogers confesses, but they gave him a plea deal to get him out of the state.. Again, only the original. Updated: Jul. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & Various Online resources, famous Criminal Glen Rogers's net worth is $97 Million at the age of 56 years old. Rhoades, a long-haul trucker, converted the sleeper cab of his 18-wheel semi truck into a small, makeshift sex chamber where he would torture his victims and rape them for weeks on end. Heres how to watch My Brother The Serial Killer online, including whether the true crime documentary is available to stream via Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. T he fourth and final episode of Netflix's Challenger: The Final Flight, a JJ Abrams-produced documentary series on the defining space shuttle disaster, opens with anonymous home footage from a . The most egregious is his 60-page plus research on how JFK is still alive and running the secret U.S. government. 47 year old O.J.s face in the mug shot was untouched. My Brother The Serial Killer explores the crimes of convicted murderer Glen Edward Rogers. According to People,. In reality, Ron Goldman, who was trained in martial arts and was a young 26 year tennis player, fought to the bitter end. Then again, the whole family thought Glen was lying when the then-handsome lunatic told his family that he was partying with a woman in LA named Nicole Brown Simpson just before she was murdered. 10 Robert Ben Rhoades. Rogers killed three other women after that before being caught in Kentucky following a national manhunt. Simpson Laughs While Confessing to Murdering Wife Nicole Brown & Ron Goldman. Simpson kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman? I dont throw around such disparagements liberally, but Mathis deserves the opprobrium. Yes. A death row inmate told relatives and a criminal profiler he killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman while O.J. Clay asserts that his brother took a gold angel pin removing it from Simpsons lifeless body and mailed it to his mother in Ohio the next day. Rogers' brother Clay, who speaks in the documentary, turned Glen into authorities after discovering the dead body of a man in the family's Hamilton, Minn. cabin. had given her. Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2013. Glen Rogers's age is 60. Rogers not the police left the sock with a single drop of blood in the upstairs bedroom, the hat and glove at Nicoles residence and the other glove at Rockingham. Simpson to break into Brown's house and steal some expensive jewelry, and that Simpson had told him: "you may have to kill the bitch". Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. The films director, David Monaghan, said Tuesday that he feels investigators should look into Rogers claims of killing Simpson and Goldman and the inmate should be held accountable for several other murders around the country as well. Glen told me that O.J.s instructions were that You may have to kill the bitch, Meoli said. Simpson owned. reports that Rogers also knew O.J. In some cases, the women and Rogers even lived together until one day hed snap and stab them to death. Rogers also provided a detailed account of the Goldman-Brown slayings to criminal profiler Anthony Meoli, according to the documentary. You faked the pic! But Denise Brown. What happened to Nicole Brown was totally different.. The documentary focuses on Glen Edward Rogers, an American serial killer also known as The Casanova Killer and The Cross-Country Killer, who was convicted of murdering two women in the 1990s and is suspected to have killed at least three more people. Those were his exact words.. LOS ANGELES - The Investigation Discovery documentary "My Brother the Serial Killer," which examines claims that serial killer Glen Rogers, not O.J. In Meolis retelling of Rogers account, he states that Simpson, who was waiting in his car nearby, walked onto the bloody sidewalk to check Rogers work, thus leaving his footprints at the crime scene. A few weeks before Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were killed,. Director: Daniel Farrands Screenwriter: Michael Arter Producers: Eric Brenner, Daniel Farrands, Lucas Jarach Executive producers: Charles Arthur Berg, Jim Jacobsen Director of photography: Ben. And OJ did in fact know the killer, the film says. Just because CNN and the Slimes are full of lies does NOT mean that someone in opposition to CNN will automatically speak the truth and ought to be trusted. One of the main stab wounds taken by Goodman was to his femoral artery, possibly punctured during a kick strike. The body was that of an elderly neighbor and only then did Clay Rogers realize his brothers tales about killing 50 people were not just ramblings. 34) The Imposter - (YouTube) 2012 Unfortunately, you present nothing but ad hominem oppopobrium with no reasoned criticism of the evidence and conclusions he presents regarding the OJ or Peterson cases. According to Rogers, Meoli said, O. J. hired Rogers to burglarize Nicoles condo and steal $20,000 diamond earrings that O.J. The crew did an extensive interview with Rogers' brother Clay for "My Brother the Serial Killer," a feature-length . Shes produced content for the likes of Culture Trip, WhatCulture and Prague.TV and started writing for Screen Rant in 2019 firstly as a news writer before progressing onto writing mini-features. By entering your email and clicking Sign Up, you're agreeing to let us send you customized marketing messages about us and our advertising partners. Helen loves a good movie musical too and has probably watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hedwig And The Angry Inch, The Blues Brothers and Little Shop Of Horrors more times than is healthy. My Brother the Serial Killer is a 2012 American television documentary about serial killer Glen Rogers, otherwise known as the "Cross Country Killer", who was convicted of a series of murders and arsons. He characterized them as druggies, neer-do-wells and prostitutes. Various forms of stalking and spying seemed to be in play. So why didnt OJ bring all that out at the trial or even before he was charged? In 1995, after being missing for three days Price was found fatally stabbed in her bathtub. 33) Mommy Dead and Dearest - (YouTube) 2017 An account of the murder of Dee Dee Blancharde and the cycle of abuse that lead up to the event. Glen Rogers was a career criminal and nomad - a road dog. My Brother the Serial Killer received widespread media attention for Clay's claims that his brother was responsible for the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. TV-14. I know my brother did it because Ive seen proof that he was there.. The 33-year-old mother of three met Rogers in a bar, and her body was found later in a burning truck. But according to Rogers, Goldman soon arrived and things went haywire. The former football great thought he had hired a jewel thief and intimidator. You cant make that sht up. On November 7, 1995, a cleaning person found Cribbs in a Tampa motel room. Theyve got money, theyre well off and Im taking her down, Clay Rogers recalls Glen Rogers saying. Mental illness is a medical condition and nothing to laugh about or ridicule. The film is a look at Glen Rogers, a carnival worker who had lived in Van Nuys and was convicted in Florida in 1997 for killing a woman in a Tampa motel room. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Drawing from police investigatory records and confidential FBI files, two journalists discover that Rogers' long string of killings could have been prevented. O.J. "TV special looks into the claims of a killer", "Documentary: Serial killer, not O.J., killed Simpson and Goldman", "DOCUMENTARY CLAIMS O.J. Simpson was acquitted was a travesty of justice that tarnished the criminal justice system, he said. He is from Ohio. Rogers claims OJ also told to kill the bitch if necessary. Eckberg corroborates Pardos story that Rogers claims he knew O.J. to take the fall. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Decades after the passing of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, people are still unsure of the facts and that's causing some scandal. Other family members also said Glen Rogers talked about meeting Simpsons ex-wife. Eventually . Glen Edward Rogers, known as The Cross Country Killer or The Casanova Killer, was placed on the FBI's Most Wanted list after a roaming crime spree on September 28, 1995. A criminal profiler in the film says he received paintings by Rogers with clues possibly linking him to the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman. He is awaiting execution in Florida and has no more appeals, according to the film. He subsequently produced the 2019 film Who Killed Nicole? Pardo claims that from the time of his first one-on-one meeting with O.J. 1962-63 1-2 During his infant years, Glen would sit and rock back and forth and continually bang his head against hard surfaces never once crying; his emotions seemed flat. My Brother the Serial Killer airs Wednesday and contains interviews with police, prosecutors and Rogers family, most notably his brother Clay Rogers, who taught Glen how to steal at a young age. Then photocopy it. . The documentary which started filming here in March about convicted serial killer Glen Rogers, a Hamilton native, will premiere at an Australian film festival next week before airing on Investigation Discovery Nov. 21. The book did that. Simpson says, hypothetically, he and Charlie drove to Nicoles with a cap, gloves and a knife under the seat and parked in the alley. November 20, 2012. They said something on the show about him bragging to be the one who killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, a new documentary claims. Clay Rogers explains his decision to do so in the documentary. He was later convicted of murdering a California woman, which resulted in a second death sentence. No other states have tried him. Fred Goldman, the father of Ronald Goldman, immediately rejected the films contention. The documentary, which airs November 21 at 9 pm on Investigation Discovery, does not include an interview with Rogers' himself, but prominently features . "My Brother the Serial Killer" claims Glen Rogers, Rogers confessed to the Brown-Goldman killings. Simpson is serving a prison sentence in Nevada after being convicted in 2008 of leading five men, including two with guns, in a September 2007 confrontation with two sports memorabilia dealers and a middleman at a Las Vegas casino-hotel. Glen Edward Rogers Talk Read Edit View history Glen Edward Rogers (born July 15, 1962), [1] also known as "The Cross Country Killer" or "The Casanova Killer", is an American serial killer. Perhaps youll calm down and acknowledge that this a forum for rational discussion of various dissenting udeas and opinions. O.J. Rogers also was a small-time drug dealer. Miles Mathis has a fascinating alternative analysis and makes a compelling point about the illegitimacy of televised trials Updated: 12:37 PM EST Nov 20, 2012. Pardo also suggests that OJ was being blackmailed for a photographed domestic abuse incident when Nicole was badly bruised. Dr. James Kauffman offered a motorcycle gang leader $50,000 and unlimited Oxycontin prescriptions to murder his wife, April, who was suing him for divorce. He was also the subject of the 2019 film The Murder Of Nicole Brown Simpson, a fictionalized version of the Simpson-Goldman murder that much like My Brother The Serial Killer posits that Glen Edward Rogers (played in the film by Nick Stahl) was the perpetrator. Then photocopy the print of the pic. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. One must show compassion toward those suffering from a mental illness as one would toward a cancer patient. Market data provided by Factset. A confidential police informant in Hamilton, Ohio, Rogers turned to murder to satisfy his need for power and control, particularly over women. Simpson is serving a 33-year sentence with the possibility of parole after nine years after being convicted of 10 charges related to an armed confrontation over sports memorabilia in a Las Vegas hotel room. [3] As it investigates claims by the Rogers family that Glen Rogers committed the Goldman-Simpson murders, the documentary includes a filmed interview of Glen's brother Clay, wherein Clay asserts that his brother confessed his involvement. Amazon has encountered an error. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. Glen Rogers (I) on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more. Serial killer Robert Ben Rhoades stalked the highways of Texas in his mobile torture and death chamber. His brother Clay now searches to find out how Glen became a monster and if he's behind one of America's most infamous crimes. Nevertheless, its important that crackpot theories be exposed because those such as yourself, who perhaps are not equipped with a strong philosophy or critical thinking background, will be easily conned by them. This was before Rogers was revealed to be and arrested as a serial killer. As fate would have it, one job brought him to Brentwood and ultimately Nicoles home as a painter. Simpson/Nicole Brown Murder",, Documentary films about crime in the United States, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 1 September 2022, at 05:46. Simpson, brutally stabbed to death Nicole. Studies Higher Education, Moral Psychology, and Performance Based Assessment (Education). All of his victims were stabbed to death. It was so awful in fact that chances were good that at least one of them would go from petty crime to murder at some point.