good ole boy system in law enforcement

The good ol boy system is when a leader unabashedly chooses favorites among their subordinates. They are the power in-group where promotability is based upon who you know rather than what you know. Businesses with higher Q12 scores experience higher productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and less liability (Buckingham, 2011). Finally, a full investigation of the Roundup was necessary because these allegations had a large potential impact on the administration of the federal criminal justice system and the character and reputation of federal law enforcement officers The two primary accusers were Jeffrey Randall and a person identified only as a "former Alabama police official," whom we later determined to be Richard Hayward. Personal written invitations were sent only to those who had previously registered for a Roundup. Meeting the ethical challenges of leadership: Casting light or shadow. Randall also alleged that a T-shirt with a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with a target superimposed over his face, was offered for sale. For 1995, Randall contended that "nigger hunting licenses" were openly available on the Roundup campground. "man's job." The "good ole' boy" network is alive and well in some departments. All told, our investigation took into account the statements of nearly 900 witnesses, including 560 who attended a Roundup. Instead we have racism, nepotism, favoritism, and few other ism's. The official activities of the Roundup were centered on athletic events, drinking, and what were intended to be humorous performances by participants vying for such titles as Redneck of the Year. Our initial task was to identify DOJ employees who attended any of the Roundups. CLICK HERE TO TAKE A SURVEY ON TOXIC LEADERSHIP IN THE WORKPLACE, Andersen, H. (n.d.). Indeed, we recognized that the persons who attended the Roundup may have had a motive to conceal or minimize the instances of racial or other kinds of misconduct in order to make their attendance at a Roundup appear more benign than it might have been. In our view, this employee demonstrated poor judgment that falls below applicable standards because he attended the Roundup after knowing of racist incidents at the event and his other actions evinced a toleration for, and encouragement of, such racist behavior. Because of the historical connections between similar sites and racist activities, these agents attributed racist intentions to the Roundup due simply to its location. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 19 state legislatures have found the practice of nepotism troubling enough to enact laws against it. Superiors that follow the good ol boy system rarely make an effort to hide their favoritism. 1. Nepotism is an even narrower form of favoritism. Under applicable precedents, DOJ employees could be punished if they were found to have directly engaged in racist acts even while off duty. The Roundup was also attended by white supremacists like Richard Hayward and Jeffrey Randall, who were members of a militia group based in Alabama. We believe that such off-duty responsibilities are not well-understood by many DOJ employees. While we conclude that the organizers did not specifically intend for the Roundup to be a "whites-only" racist gathering, we were able to identify only twenty individual members of minority groups, including four blacks, who ever attended a Roundup. We also coordinated with a number of other law enforcement agencies that were conducting investigations into participation by their own personnel in the Roundup, most notably the Department of Treasury Office of the Inspector General (Treasury OIG). We also found that an atmosphere hostile to minorities -- and to women -- developed over time because inadequate action was taken by the Roundup organizers to appropriately deal with instances of racial or other kinds of misconduct.". We found no evidence that any federal law enforcement personnel appears in the photograph. Because of the historical connections between similar sites and racist activities, these agents attributed racist intentions to the Roundup due simply to its location. In the fourth installment of dark leadership that impedes the best in leadership, we will examine the failures of the insular leader and how they negatively impact police organizations. We had a responsibility to set the record straight as to what actually occurred at the Roundup during a sixteen-year period. These signs read, "Nigger check point," "Any niggers in that car?," and "17 lb." Performances in the skit competitions included participants who bit off the head of a dead snake; ate a whole raw fish soaked in beer; defecated on stage; soiled their trousers on stage; and pulled chewing tobacco out of their trousers pretending it to be excrement and put it in their mouths. 8. Police organizations in particular are always on an uphill march and need every person to be on the winning team for the progress that needs to take place. There are even those that will incite a situation in order to see how the new person responds. DOJ regulations also prohibit employees from engaging in "disrespectful conduct." The lawsuit alleges that the department retaliated against Satthertwaite when he filed a complaint about a practice he believed to be unlawful. Although we conclude that much of the early Roundup news coverage was overblown and distorted, our investigation revealed ample evidence of shocking racist, licentious, and puerile behavior by attendees occurring in various years. "Clearly, LMPDs current solution to diversity issues is increasing the number of Black Officers, rather than giving them and all Officers an equal opportunity of advancement," a summary of the lawsuit says. PHOTO: An example of the racist paraphernalia sold at this event. The preponderance of the evidence suggested that local police officers from Florence and Boone County, Kentucky, were responsible for posting these signs. The public drunkenness began far earlier and was a reason cited by many DOJ employees and others for not returning to the Roundup. This process is a cancer that eats away your staff until the only remaining experienced staff you have are beyond disgruntled. For example, in Birmingham, Alabama, two closeted individuals closely associated with the Skinhead movement are firmly entrenched in the U.S. Attorney's Office. Other attendees intervened and broke up the confrontation. I look around from time to time and never cease to be amazed at how little social progress we have actually made. One particular display in 1992, captured in a photograph we obtained during the investigation, included a group surrounding the flag whose members are shown making obscene gestures and raising their fists. We conclude that the name "Good O' Boy" was not selected or used with the intent to send a message that the event was racially exclusive. Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Civil Rights and Discrimination Commons, Human Rights Law Commons, and the Law Enforcement and Corrections Commons Recommended Citation Kami Chavis Simmons, Beginning to End Racial Profiling: Definitive Solutions to an Elusive Problem, 18 When the organizers learned about it, they covered over the graffiti. Our investigative and interviewing strategy was designed to get beyond potentially self-serving accounts. On July 11, 1995, the Washington Times blew the whistle on this annual racist Roundup of law enforcement agents and their invited guests. Time for reform and change. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications. WHAS11 talked to two retired LMPD officers who are African Americans. According to the lawsuit, LMPD eliminated Satterthwaite's position as Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer without explanation. The interview comes after the DOJ released a report on Tuesday, revealing that women make uponly 16 percent of criminal investigative jobs within the departments central investigative agencies and hold few executive leadership positions. ", 5. But by failing to eject or punish any of the people known to have engaged in the misconduct, the Roundup organizers failed to deliver a strong, unequivocal message that racist conduct would not be tolerated. In 1992 the same persons who ordered the sign taken down pulled the responsible person away from the car and told him to stop what he was doing. The "good ol' boys club" mentality pretty much turns our place of work into high school. Others may restrict the hiring of relatives or friends in more general conflict-of-interest rules. If we were able to do away with the "club" morale and job satisfaction would greatly increase. Understanding the basic needs of people, appreciating the contributions of others, and helping them achieve their potential are building blocks of successful organizations (Stallard, 2007). [O]ur investigation revealed ample evidence of shocking racist, licentious, and puerile behavior by attendees occurring in various years. In addition, allegations of criminal conduct, including narcotics distribution and rape, were raised at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing held within ten days of the original news stories. Other isolated but nevertheless significant evidence of racially offensive or insensitive conduct occurred in a number of years. Here's what I am working up to: it's been mentioned in many articles. Based on our interviews of each of these witnesses, our conclusions regarding their credibility, and all the testimony of a number of credible witnesses, we concluded that none of these allegations were supported by substantial credible evidence. From our careful review of the evidence as to the specific allegations of racist misconduct, we found substantial credible evidence of blatantly racist signs, skits, and actions in 1990, 1992, and 1995. Who knows if they will have our back when the time comes? The last person to be able to consume the required amount without a break was the winner. T.K. The initial allegations brought in their wake a blanket condemnation of all federal law enforcement personnel who attended the event. However, we found no evidence linking DOJ employees to acts of public drunkenness, public lewdness, or any of the other sordid aspects of the Roundup in any specific or persistent way. Likewise, no federal, state, or local law enforcement agent was fired because of his participation in the Roundups. Maybe they'll freeze, or run away. The women dancers were strippers. Nor, as the initial news accounts suggested, was the Roundup dominated by federal law enforcement personnel. In addition to charges of racism, allegations of criminal or other misconduct were also raised. One witness also recalled that Hayward was wearing a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. mask with a bullet hole in the forehead. As favoritism is the broadest of these related terms, we'll start with its definition. The authors suggest four opportunities to dig an organization out of an insular environment. Satterthwaite claims that an unmarked vehicle conducted surveillance on his home for several days, causing him to become "disturbed, frightened, confused and anxious." With respect to a second individual, formerly employed by INS but now an employee of Treasury, we are transmitting information to the applicable Department of Treasury component by which he is now employed for consideration of possible discipline. Despite evidence that the Roundup organizers officially discouraged such performances, their efforts to exercise control were half-hearted at best. Inmates who seem to threaten law suits and or . We hope that our effort to deal fully and carefully with disturbing allegations against officers responsible for enforcing our federal criminal laws will promote the fair administration of justice and the public's confidence in the ability of the Department of Justice to police itself. I find it amazing that our job mandate is firm, fair, and consistent, yet when it comes to other staff we don't even come close to that standard. The public drunkenness began far earlier and was a reason cited by many DOJ employees and others for not returning to the Roundup. Accordingly, we recommend that the Department of Justice do the following: In addition, a former ATF agent in an interview subsequent to his Senate hearing testimony alleged for the first time that in 1987 he heard from another ATF agent that a woman had been raped by an ATF agent at the Roundup. An old boy network (also known as old boys' network, ol' boys' club, old boys' club, old boys' society, good ol' boys club, or good ol' boys system) is an informal system in which wealthy men with similar social or educational background help each other in business or personal matters. We found no evidence that such "licenses" were widely available at the Roundup; indeed, we found no one other than Randall who claimed to have seen one in the campground. Contact Mike for services Life Coaching, Training, Team Building, Corporate Training, Project Management, and Public Speaking That database shows that there have been 429 fatal officer . In their affidavits to the Senate, the two Ocoee women claimed to have heard that a woman was gang-raped by a large number of Roundup participants. Georgia sheriffs supporting Gov. From our careful review of the evidence as to the specific allegations of racist misconduct, we found substantial credible evidence of blatantly racist signs, skits, and actions in 1990, 1992, and 1995. Despite evidence that the Roundup organizers officially discouraged such performances, their efforts to exercise control were half-hearted at best. To complicate issues even more, when groupthink is rampant, police organizations begin relying on successful implementations from the past that may no longer be relevant or produce the greatest yield for the department; but because it worked before, it stands to reason that it should be an acceptable means for today. T-shirts were sold at the Roundup that were found to be racially insensitive. In the public sphere, favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism also undermine the common good. b) Checking Cars People that are bringing people up in rank based on personal relationship, Gritz told Hill. Creativity Inc: Overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration. In addition to Roundup participants, OIG made significant efforts to interview the persons who alleged misconduct against the Roundup and its participants. In 1992 and 1993, Hayward openly distributed former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke's presidential campaign literature and souvenirs, as well as materials publicizing the National Association for the Advancement of White People. Blaming these people for the sins of others would have been unfair. And in many cases, DOJ employees acted as one would hope they would -- they saw an event marked by excessive alcohol consumption and puerile behavior and never returned. The lawsuit details the process that LMPD is required to go through when promoting internally, which includes interviews and a ranking system. It begs the question of how important relationships are in the advancement of people within an organization, and how do great organizations find the balance of personal relationships? Finally in October he relinquished the videotape for analysis by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and agreed to an on-the-record interview. We found substantial evidence that strippers performed at the campground year after year beginning around 1988. Each of these persons identified the same woman as the alleged rape victim. In insular environments, when ambiguous issues arise in meetings, there is a lack of questions that limit learning and understanding. 4thEdition. At our direction, DOJ components canvassed their employees to determine whether any had either attended or been invited to a Roundup or knew anyone who had. During the course of this investigation OIG interviewed over 500 witnesses, including participants in the Roundup, people who were invited but did not attend, vendors to the Roundup, DOJ employees based in Southeastern offices, river raft guides, local Tennessee residents, and others. Hayward videotaped the 1990 Roundup. The banner was thrown in the trash. Even male attendees told us that would not have wanted any female family member or friend to attend the Roundup because of how women were treated. Although not identified as such, Randall and Hayward proved to be members of a militia group based in Alabama that sought to discredit the ATF. Decisions that need to be made get kicked down the road and unpopular people no matter their competence have no voice. #8. For the 1990 incidents we found no evidence that any Roundup leaders were notified or were aware of such conduct or that any action was taken to stop these persons. Extremely demeaning language and inappropriate sexual touching occurred. Satterthwaite, who has been with the department since 2012, says LMPD has a "clique like nature" that negatively affects morale in the department. TVs Krystal Ball on Rising.. The next day Rightmyer told the offenders that blacks were welcome at the Roundup and if they did not like it, they should leave. Verifying the allegations, therefore, required assessing the accuracy and reliability of testimony given by witnesses. We are disturbed that an event characterized by rampant public drunkenness, widespread public lewdness, and in later years episodes of racist conduct drew participants from DOJ and other law enforcement organizations. They were welcomed at the Roundup in multiple years. f) T-shirts Beshear confirms 3 dead after severe weather makes its way through Kentuckiana, LG&E: 'Significant' power outages with no restoration time given, A councilwoman's 'road map' to equity in Louisville, 'We have another study that tells us what we already know' | Black Louisvillians react to LMPD review, 'Breonna's home state continues to fail her' | Louisville groups raise concerns over changes to bill that would limit no-knock warrants, 'To lose my son in the same community I grew up in, it's tough.' Hayward also brought a large David Duke for President banner to hang in the campground, but it was up only briefly before Roundup organizers ordered that it be taken down. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. He described the doll as a seed and told the audience that one must "kill the seed when it is young," and proceeded to beat the doll. We conclude that the name "Good O' Boy" was not selected or used with the intent to send a message that the event was racially exclusive. James retired as an LMPD officer in 2003. Although Rightmyer again criticized the officer who performed this skit, he took no other action. What are favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism? (2014). And everyone can point to instances where cronyism or nepotism is an accepted fact of life in political sphere, as well. 4 opportunities to get the organization out of the club: Applicability to policing. Those who are insular limit the abilities of work engagement and limiting an organizations true potential. We thus concluded that in choosing the Roundup's location, its organizers did not have a racist intent, although the perceptions among minorities that they would not be welcome was an unintended consequence of the selected site. This woman denied that she was raped. He also claims the department violated his First Amendment rights. At the least, they may choose to recuse themselves from votes where social relationships may exert undue influence. Moreover, OIG interviewed residents in the area near where the Roundup was held to learn what relevant evidence they might possess. ForAppleorAndroidusers. When several months later OIG requested that he submit to an interview on a range of topics including his supposed discovery of a "nigger hunting license" at the 1995 Roundup or the militia plan "Operation Achilles Heel," whose stated goal was to discredit ATF, Randall refused and renewed these threats in more graphic terms. Extra effort was made to take the report beyond simply a conclusion that, "It wasn't one of ours." . In the public sphere, favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism also undermine the common good. When friendships or subjective issues are focal points of promotions it sends an organizational message that the pathway for advancement is not working hard. There arent any ifs, ands, or buts about it. Racist signs, bumper stickers, hats, banners, and other display items littered the campground site when Hayward and Randall attended the Roundups. Based on the number of convictions for violating federal corruption laws, Mississippi a state with just three million citizens ranks at the very top of the . We encountered numerous witnesses who were unable to supply very much information, particularly those who attended a Roundup in its earliest years.